Investigator and Author Tony Felosi

Tony Felosi is a paranormal investigator living in the hills of Southeast, Kentucky. He has been an avid student of the paranormal, history, folklore, mythology, and cryptozoology since a young age. Felosi's work and research is gaining recognition in an area of the country that is steeped in skepticism, yet much mystery. The search for truth is Felosi's passion, and the longtime resident of Harlan County Kentucky is determined to expand his research so that he can uncover the truth surrounding the mysteries and lore that are prevalent in the hills of Eastern Kentucky. One of his greatest interest is the field of Instrumental Transcommnication Research. He believes that in the not so far future that ITC will unlock many secrets of the paranormal. But Felosi's research also delves into the soul of Appalachian Mountain culture and history through the stories he is able to unearth through his investigations. , Felosi has been successful in validating events that once were thought of as lore as well as debunking many in his search for the truth. In 2017 Tony and Thomas Marcum started filming the Docu -Series - The Crypto Files- that is available on Amazon Prime and other streaming services . To date the Crypto Files Series has been watched tens of thousands of hours around the world.

Tony is nown for The Hembree House (2019), Ice Cold Evil (2019), Ghosts of Portal 31 (2018), Harlan Kentucky's Manzo Shepherd Story (2017)